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Basic mechanicsBasic mechanics

Nexus Shift is a virtual card collection Play-to-Earn game that utilizes our own CryptoCurrency.

Players will be able to access the experience after the purchase of an NFT. Using their in-game Token, they may battle against other players – the winning user ultimately receives a fee minus the service commission. The player may then choose to spend the token to improve their character, or purchase other NFTs and/or cards from the marketplace or in-game store.


The gameplay revolves around the galactic conflict of 5 factions:

The Monolith
The Corsair
The Syntax
The Hulls

Each faction revolves around a certain theme, ensuring that players that build their playstyle around one faction have high card synergy.

The Monolith ZardomThe Monolith Zardom

The reigning empire in the galaxy of Nexus Shift. They are traditionalists with overwhelming firepower, but their old ways make them slow to react.

Characters in this faction are melee based, and have passive abilities that pertain to focus on Attack Power.

The Corsair CoalitionThe Corsair Coalition

A fledgling rebel alliance that is set to overthrow the Coalition. Too discordant to attack as a united front, they prefer to use shock tactics and exploit their enemies’ weaknesses by surprise.

The passive faction abilities for the Corsair Coalition are related to critical strike chance.

The Syntax OrderThe Syntax Order

A zealous cult that hopes to bring about the return of their prophet by breaking the universe. They act from the shadows, relying on subterfuge and control.

The Order’s passive abilities are focused on mana related buffs and regeneration.

The HullsThe Hulls

An ancient cybernetic society, hoping to protect their Ark from the ensuing apocalypse at all costs. They are equipped with a variety of high-tech artifacts, allowing them to survive the dark reaches of space.

Characters in this faction are tank based, and share passive abilities that center around defense.

The Dragonsplicers The Dragonsplicers

A faction of mutants led by a brilliant scientist, whose mission is to bring about the reign of dragons through genetic change and growth.

The Dragonsplicer’s passive faction abilities center around buffs and debuffs for the player’s deck.


Each player controls a Hero NFT, a character from a specific faction. Each hero has an HP of 20, a passive faction ability and an active character ability. These have different effects and can be upgraded.

The current list of characters, organized by faction:

The Monolith ZardomThe Monolith Zardom

The Knight of
the Monolith
Drusilla Thana

Corsair CoalitionCorsair Coalition

Kyra Arcturus
Pirate Lord
Elyse, Vengeful
Ronin Shay


Jaleesa Vyx
Horvut Vyx
Zared, Vyx



The Order of SyntaxThe Order of Syntax



Each player’s deck size consists of a minimum of 36 Nexus cards.

Nexus cards consist of units, spells and artifacts (add more if needed).


Units are cards that are placed on the battlefield and can deal direct damage, defend against attacks and have other abilities. Units have two stats: ATTACK (how much damage the unit can deal per turn) and DEFENSE (how much damage the unit can receive before dying). Unless healed with spells or abilities, a unit’s Defense does not regenerate and is depleted with damage. Attack and Defense stats can be lowered or raised with spells and abilities. Units are permanent cards, meaning they stay on the battlefield until removed.

EXAMPLE: Monolith Conscript (Attack: 2/Defense: 1)


Spells are one-time use cards that are played instantly and have an immediate effect. These effects can vary – deal direct damage, heal units and heroes, buff/debuff other cards, remove artifacts, gain temporary mana, etc. Spells are removed from the game after their effect takes place.

EXAMPLE: Plasma Blast (Effect: Deal 3 damage to a single target.)


Artifacts are cards that are placed on the battlefield and have an effect for as long as they stay on the battlefield. These effects can vary and be similar to spells. Artifacts are permanent cards.

EXAMPLE: Combat Drone (Effect: Deal one damage to any target every turn.)


Shift cards are special cards that can be played once every turn for health instead of mana. The player is utilizing the Nexus Shift, the in-lore anomaly that is causing the apocalypse. The player pays X health to draw from a special deck of cards, each of which has a chance to alter the battlefield in unexpected ways.

Examples: buff/debuff ALL cards on the battlefield, destroy all units, reset everyone’s health, switch defense/attack parameters, etc.

A fixed amount of Shift cards are available to every player and are unlocked and expanded with experience. At level 1, the player has access to 8 shift cards. At max level, the player has access to 24.

Energy generationEnergy generation

Each player has an energy pool of 10. At the start of the game, they only have access to 1 energy crystal. At the beginning of each subsequent turn, they gain access to another energy crystal, until their energy pool is fully available. Certain cards can quicken this process or temporarily expand a player’s mana pool.

Win conditionsWin conditions

The player’s goal is to beat the other player’s Hero. This can be done in one of two ways – reduce the number of the enemy Hero’s health points to zero, or deplete the enemy’s Nexus cards.

Lose conditionsLose conditions

You lose the game if your Hero’s health points are zero or lower. If you run out of Nexus cards, reality begins to break around you and you have until the end of your turn to win the game. Otherwise, you lose.


If the player is idle during a turn a timer is set to urge them to play their moves. If the timer runs out once for a particular player, they are given one “time-out”. If the timer runs out a second time for said particular player, then they automatically pass their turn. If the timer runs out for the third time, then the player is kicked out of the game and the opponent wins.


Each player is given 75 seconds for every turn. If the timer runs out, then the idling rules above are applied.


Upkeep/ Regeneration/ Draw StageUpkeep/ Regeneration/ Draw Stage

1. All available mana regenerates.
2. Mana increments by 1 every turn.
3. All abilities that activate at the start of the turn take effect.
4. Player draws 1 card, unless specified otherwise.

Shift StageShift Stage

1. Player may play Nexus cards – units, spells and artifacts.
2. Players can also choose to reveal and play a Shift card.
3. End stage
4. All abilities that activate at the end of the turn take effect.
5. Player passes the turn.

Nexus StageNexus Stage

Player may play Nexus cards – units, spells and artifacts.

Combat StageCombat Stage

1. Attack. Player may attack the opponent with units.
2. Defense. Defending player may block attacking units.
3. Resolution. Damage is dealt accordingly.



During the Attack phase, the player whose turn it is chooses which units they attack with. The offending player attacks the other player directly.


During the Defense phase, the defending player may choose to block the attack with their own units, if they are able.


During the Resolution phase, the attacking units deal damage and the defending units block the damage at the same time. Any damage that is not blocked by units is dealt to the player.


If a permanent card is removed from the battlefield (example: a Unit dies in combat), it goes into the Void. The Void is a discard pile that can only be accessed with certain cards (example: necromancy spells.


The player levels up and collects in-game currency (Planet) by getting experience. Experience is rewarded by playing matches, with significantly more experience for winning. The player can also gain experience through completing daily and seasonal quests.


Quests are tasks given to the player in order to gain experience and in-game currency. Quests require the player to do certain actions and hit certain milestones.

Example: Kill 20 units.

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