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Interesting facts about the project team.Interesting facts about the project team.

Feb 27, 2022 59 seconds reads

Bot Planet’s team consists of true crypto-enthusiasts devoted to their business:

Artemiy A – Co-founder

Artemiy is a talented businessman and cryptanalyst, in the market since 2019. He also owns a studio for designing and developing real estate projects since 2018.

Yesbol K – Co-founder

Yesbol is an experienced salesman with three years of experience in the banking industry. Yesbol is the founder of many organizations from a wide variety of businesses, and since 2018 he has been learning the secrets of trading and blockchain technology.

Dan D – CEO

Dan D is an amazing business and management professional, trained in the best educational institutions and has experience in a wide range of fields.

Learn more at botpla.net

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