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The marketing strategy that leads the project to the top!The marketing strategy that leads the project to the top!

Feb 27, 2022 1 min read

In this article you will learn how Bot Planet plans to promote its product in the highly competitive crypto market.

Top Influencers from Russia, India, China, Europe etc. will be involved during the launch. There will be podcasts with major news channels, as well as 30+ announcements on crypto and invest forums with a total audience of over 5M people, as well as shilling on 7000+ Telegram channels. Bot Planet will actively run a news blog, keeping the attention of users. Large investors and funds will be attracted, making Bot Planet known to their audience as well. In our marketing strategy including PR in social media with audience with total of more then 500,000,000 readers🤩 SMM, targeted advertising and Google Ads will be actively used. A bounty and airdrop campaign will be conducted. Users will have access to a referral program for inviting new users with rewards in the form of $BOT. The project will be actively promoted on YouTube, on 50+ cryptocurrency channels. Tweets by small and top influencers in tweeter. CoinMarketCap airdrop. Also we are working with top tier marketers in the crypto space: CosuRabbits, IBC, GrowthHackers, Global Crypto Promoters.

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