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How can users earn with Bot Planet?How can users earn with Bot Planet?

Feb 27, 2022 1 min read

How investors can monetize their investment in Bot Planet ?

Bot Planet developers are doing their best to make the project profitable not only for the team, but also for Bot Planet users.


Create NFTs based on Binance Smart Chain and sell them in the BOT Marketplace. Earn NFTs in play-to-earn and sell them in the BOT Marketplace.

Rewards for interacting with ads

Bot Messenger includes an ad unit, completing ad viewer tasks from which you will receive rewards in $BOT tokens.

Bot Game v0.1

Play the Bot Game v0.1, win PvP matches and earn $PLNT tokens which you can use for Swap to $BOT.


You can earn passive income by adding liquidity to the Bot Swap, receiving $BOT in return, or by placing your assets into the liquidity pool for staking.


Purchase raffle tickets and get a chance to win $BOT tokens. Everything is transparent and fair, thanks to blockchain.

  • More things coming soon
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