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BotPlanet Lottery – try your luck and win big!BotPlanet Lottery – try your luck and win big!

Feb 27, 2022 1 min read

Bot Planet gives for users a unique opportunity to win a huge amount in $BOT tokens with their own Lottery!

Users can buy lottery tickets and try their luck – thanks to blockchain, everything is completely honest and transparent!

The BotPlanet lottery is an additional service for you to profit from your BotPlanet interaction and provides the system with an additional deflationary mechanism.

To participate, you need to buy a digital lottery ticket in BotPlanet by paying for it with $BOT tokens. After that, a specially designed smart contract randomly generates a four-digit code, each digit of which has a value from 1 to 14.

After the code is generated, it is sent to the lottery participant to be matched against the winning code. If the order in the code and the ticket match completely, the participant wins. If 2,3 or 4 numbers match, the user also gets the reward.

BOT: $0.00599
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