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Passive Income with Bot Planet Staking.Passive Income with Bot Planet Staking.

Feb 27, 2022 1 min read

The BotPlanet platform allows its users to earn high and secure passive income by using a feature such as staking.

Staking is the storage of tokens on the PoS algorithm, which confirms online transactions. Token holders are rewarded for this in the form of $BOT.

The longer a user keeps their $BOT tokens in staking, the greater their reward. The percentage of the annual return is determined as follows:

Stake $BOT tokens for 1 month – 5%

Stake $BOT tokens for 3 months – 20%

Stake $BOT tokens for 6 months – 50%

Stake $BOT tokens for 12 months – 120%

As you can see, the longer the user keeps his funds in staking on Bot Planet, the higher his profit and the more reliable the network is. Staking is a mutually beneficial action and a source of high passive income – use it.

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