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Feb 27, 2022 1 min read


This system takes the market by storm, and the reason for it is simple. The biggest struggle for gamers has been the fact that only a few are able to generate profit and support their everyday needs. With a Play-to-Earn system any gamer is welcomed into supporting their needs while doing what they love the most – playing video games.

Choice of Genre

We intentionally chose to pursue an experience that may resonate with our community and future player base – an online digital collectible card game. This decision was inspired by Blizzard’s performance with its own card game, Hearthstone. Hearthstone has garnered an extremely high popularity – 23.5 million players who spent 669.2 million hours. This was also supported with a relatively low development timeframe, compared to other titles of a similar budget.

NFT Marketplace

Our game will come with its own NFT marketplace integrated within the experience. The marketplace is intended for the sale of BOT NFT and collectible cards for the gameplay. Regardless of the amount, the service commission is 1%. No other commissions and fees will be charged.

Game Content and Features

Our new Intellectual Property aims to deliver an experience with a level of quality deserving of our user base. Through this principle, we aim to establish the game’s own universe complete with nuanced characters and lore.

Our designers have been working hard and experimenting with different concepts.

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