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Bot Planet game lore.Bot Planet game lore.

Feb 27, 2022 1 min read

The world of BOT GAME v0.1 is a fantasy world that has evolved over thousands of years into a galactic dystopia hungry for power and dominion; however, in their ambition they have caused the boundaries of their simulation to break, tearing open holes in space and time. Their expansion was so great that the “RAM” of the simulation literally filled up to the brim. Previous established empires, worlds, societies, philosophies and world views have been rammified to the point of creating a new era of time amidst an ongoing apocalypse – stars and planets are collapsing, with entire parts of the galaxy sucked into nothingness.

BOT GAME V0.1 aims to provide a diverse cast of characters, taken from multiple cultures, genres, sub-genres and mythologies. This is all in an attempt to tell a compelling and resonating story, all through engaging collectible card game gameplay.

More things coming soon.

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