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About Bot Planet NFT Marketplace.About Bot Planet NFT Marketplace.

Feb 26, 2022 2 min reads

NFT Marketplace

It’s about time we dive into our own NFT Marketplace. It’s very easy to use, it can be found within our wallet too. The marketplace could be used for selling, trading, or buying your NFT cards.

The marketplace is intended for the sale of BOT NFT and cards for playing BOT GAME V0.1. There will be offers from the system created by artists from our team, previously acquired by NFT users, as well as NFTs created by independent artists. Regardless of the amount, the service commission

is 1%, no other commissions and fees are expected.

The marketplace is conventionally divided into two parts. The game part, which is available both directly from the game, and on a separate page, where the NFT of the project and game cards are sold. Sections for merchant users where anyone can sell their NFT.

Due to the fact that NFTs exist on the BOT platform, buyers will be able to easily transfer these tokens during the purchase process. For the marketplace, several ways to buy NFT with BOT, other cryptocurrencies and fiat money are being considered.

Currently, the cost of creating NFTs through Etherium is too high for most content creators, which in turn seriously slows down the development of this innovation. For this reason, BOT works with Binance Smart Chain (BSC), where the cost of creating an NFT is significantly lower. The choice of BSC is also due to the fact that Binance is rapidly expanding the community, in January the number of Binance users reached 16.7 million.

Also, we will implement NFT on Solana and Ethereum. And also our team of programmers is working on the possibility of creating an NFT on Polkadot. In other words, we strive to make the first multi-chain marketplace

Active independent sellers will be promoted by the platform, which, in our opinion, is able to welcome more content creators.

BOT: $0.00599
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