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OIG – investor and partner of Bot Planet.OIG – investor and partner of Bot Planet.

Feb 26, 2022 1 min read


Since 2017, OIG has been dedicated to finding and raising capital for the most innovative crypto project teams while empowering crypto investors to realize their financial goals through early contribution opportunities. Of the many projects that pass through our hands, Bot Planet is a standout in every regard! OIG is proud to announce our partnership with Bot Planet: $BOT is a cryptocurrency that aims to combine the most popular and effective services for earning money into one ecosystem! Bot Planet not only has a comprehensive ecosystem, but is on a multitude of blockchains, and has a deflationary model of burning tokens to provide increased stability for its users. In addition, Bot Planet’s “BOT Wallet” provides an easy and secure way to connect to the BOT ecosystem and is an effortless way to store and exchange tokens.

Our collaboration with Bot Planet is sure to have incredible outcomes; the most important outcome being, a crypto community that is engaged in the right ways, is best informed and is properly equipped for success. We are happy to welcome Bot Planet into our OIG family and look forward to supporting them on their journey while sharing more of this brilliant project and team with our community!

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