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What makes us unique?What makes us unique?

Feb 3, 2022 3 min reads

This is a common question that you see everywhere. Since we have a lot of products, we had to ask this question with regards to each of them. So let’s dive into them step by step!

To figure everything out, we had to research other gaming projects, and figure out in which areas they were lacking. What makes a game successful? Well, if you look at the biggest games out there, they all have one thing in common – a well written story. A good lore, which consists of plot twists, possibility to explore the story through different sides, morality of all sides. That is why we have a team of writers, who focus on writing an engaging story.

Each faction within the game will see the story through their eyes. No faction is morally bad or good, they are all trying to survive. By playing the game, the player has the ability to earn money, but also by completing tasks and receiving achievements, the player opens up the continuation to the story.

This system creates deep roots within the lore, which motivates the player to play for different sides, in order to see more of the storyline. Every big update will include an introduction of the new character/characters, as well as the next chapter of the storyline.

We have updates to the game and lore written out for the next 3 – 5 years.

We have two supporting products for the game: BOT Wallet and NFT Marketplace. Our NFT Marketplace is built inside the wallet. So here comes a question, why use BOT Wallet? The answer is simple! Aside from doing all the regular functions that you see in other wallets, and having the NFT Marketplace on it, our wallet will be used for seasonal NFT drops. What’s that? During every major event, like Halloween, we would be dropping one time only skins for the game, which would be obtainable only through our wallet. These skins come once in a lifetime, so you don’t want to miss those!

The messenger can also serve as a supporting product for the game, as it allows you to add people as friends and continue playing for many years to come. However, this isn’t the only feature. You can voice call, video call, send voice messages, AND you can complete tasks within the messenger by interacting with ads, which allows you to earn.

We have diverse staking rewards that would make every user excited. From earning XP in the game, to earning tokens.

BOT: $0.00599
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