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Strengths and advantages of Bot PlanetStrengths and advantages of Bot Planet

Feb 3, 2022 1 min read

One of the biggest issues in the eSports scene, and gaming in general, is that only the top 1% makes money.

We want players of any caliber to be able to earn. Someone might not be the best at playing, but is good at collecting and trading. Some might be decent at the game, and they will gain profits through farming their in-game currency.

Our game is welcoming gamers with different skills and backgrounds, allowing them to do what they love, and earn.

Aside from the P2E aspect of the game, we are building supporting products around it, and creating a rich storyline. The idea behind it was to make the game more interactive and interesting. Giving the players more reason to stay and fall in love with the characters. The supporting products give our players more freedom: add friends, sale, buy and trade NFTs, participate in our in-game events through the wallet, which is connected to the NFT marketplace.

Our road map vividly conveys the goals that we’ve set and the vision that we have, and we will continue to increase, in order to keep improving on our products for you.

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