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P2E System in Bot Planet Game- how does it works?P2E System in Bot Planet Game- how does it works?

Feb 1, 2022 1 min read

As many of you may know, we have our main token ($BOT), and we often get asked about the P2E system that we’ve got in our game. Do the player earn our tokens? Do you lose money when you lose the match?

For our game we have a different in-game token. It is obtained through winning games and completing tasks, and then you are able to trade it for the $BOT or sell on other exchanges, on which it will be sellable. You can also farm it in pairs of $PLNT/$BOT, $BOT/$PLNT and stake the in-game token, which can help you boost your in-game character XP. We are working on putting together DeFi and GameFi.

On top of that, our token $BOT could be used to upgrade characters, you would need a fixed amount of $BOT and a varying amount of $PLNT, which depends on the level of the upgrade. With that we’ve got another deflationary mechanism for our token ($BOT) — burning through upgrades of the NFTs.

Other utilities of the $BOT are described in the following post: POST

Token $PLNT (PLANET) will be earned through winning games in ranked matches. The higher the rank — the higher the earnings. The losing player DOES NOT lose the tokens, the only thing that you would lose is the rank.

BOT: $0.00598
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